If you're using the command line interface, a common usage of lbsntransform is to import/convert arbitrary social media data, e.g. from Flickr or Twitter, to a Postgres Database with the common lbsn structure

The following two primary use cases exist:

  1. Importing lbsntransform as a package Use this approach to convert data, such as individual posts retrieved from an API, on-the-fly (in-memory), in your own python package. See the developers section for examples.

  2. Using the command line interface (cli) to perform batch conversions Use this approach if you want to convert batches of data stored as arbitrary json/csv files, or if you want to convert from a database with the raw lbsn structure to a database with the privacy-aware hll format. As a starting point, have a look at the Input Types and Parameters section.

For any conversion,