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LBSN Structure

A common language independent, privacy-aware and cross-network geosocial data scheme.

This is the documentation for the Location Based Social Network (LBSN) structure, a standardized conceptual data model for analyzing, comparing and relating information of different LBSN in visual analytics research and beyond. The primary goal is to systematically characterize LBSN data aspects in a common scheme.

This documentation has three key goals:

  • Definitions and conventions: Theoretic description and discussion of the concept and its implementation
  • Adaption: Demonstration of use cases for adaption of this structure in various visual analytics contexts
  • Application: Specific implementations and tools for information retrieval, visualization and inter-linkage of data


The target audience of the LBSN Structure and the guides presented here are researchers and practitioners working with user-generated content (UGC) and processing LBSN data as part of their daily workflows.

Contributions welcome

We invite anyone to contribute, either by enriching the discussion or by adding guides or improving existing ones. Please see the Developers Section.

Last update: March 31, 2023
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