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Interlinkage and the spread of information

Interlinkage and relations between objects in LBSN can be considered as an additional, fifth facet. Relationships on LBSN are the cause of many privacy concerns, because they can be used to combine information in ways other than originally anticipated by the user.

There exist direct references between different objects of the LBSN structure, such as the user-id linking several posts to the same user, but also more complex relationships such as many-to-many.

Implicit and explicit relationships are considered that link entities between two different Origins (e.g. different LBSN) or between implicit social media and external sources (explicit VGI, e.g. Wikipedia, OSM).

A specific example for a relationship is the spread of information, an important characteristic of LBSM, frequently evaluated in visual analytics. The spread of information occurs when reactions become the referent event for other reactions.

See other examples of interlinkage in the RAW structure definition.

Last update: April 1, 2021