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Any information found on Location Based Social Networks (LBSN) can become the context of a visual analytics question - which can be called a measurement, metric, or overlay (Dunkel et al. 1).

From a user privacy perspective, some metrics are more problematic than others. As a means to systematically organize various visual analytic questions, a task matrix has been proposed by Dunkel et al. 1.

Typical metrics (overlays) in visual analytics include:

  • postcount: The number of posts for a particular context ("PC")
  • usercount: The number of users for a particular context ("UC")
  • userdays: The number of cumulative distinct user count per day for a particular context ("PUD", as coined by Wood et al. 2)

These metrics are considered in the implementation of the LBSN HLL Structure.

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Last update: April 14, 2021