Overview of Repositories and Tools

The following list provides an overview of tools and applications that make use of or are connected to the lbsn-structure.

Repository/Link      Version               Description
LBSN Base Structure:
RAW SQL version Relational PostgresSQL implementation of LBSN Structure
HLL SQL version A Privacy-aware version of RAW SQL, e.g. for visual analytics
Protocol Buffers version Definition of LBSN Structure in Protocol Buffers, e.g. for use in RPC
Python Compiled pypi version A Python compiled version of Protobuf LBSN Structure
PHP Compiled packagist A PHP compiled version of Protobuf LBSN Structure
LBSN Docker Container:
RAW DB rawdb A ready to use Docker Container using the LBSN RAW SQL structure
HLL DB hlldb A ready to use Docker Container using the (privacy-aware) LBSN HLL SQL structure
pg-hll-empty version An empty Postgres Docker container with HLL extension installed, e.g. used in lbsntransform to anonymize data
jupyter lab A containerized version of Jupyter Lab, used for interactive visualization purposes, e.g. in the tutorial section
LBSN Tools:
lbsntransform PyPI version A python package for bulk data migration to and from lbsn structure (both Postgres and ProtoBuf specification)
twitterparser An example python program that uses lbsntransform as a package to process twitter jsons stored in custom structured zip files from a remote server
lbsn-ctl An easy to use shell-script to setup RAW DB and HLL DB Docker Container, including data export and import
LBSN API (theplink-docker):
Alembic Migrations Automatic migrations of live PostgresSQL with updates to the RAW LBSN Structure
Backend version Backend using Fastapi and LBSN Structure implemented as a SQLAlchemy model
Frontend version Frontend as a progressive web app based on VueJS and Mapbox GL JS, a prototype for local community discourse using the LBSN Structure

Last update: April 4, 2022
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